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The bats live in the trees next to an old hospital in Accra. Local lore has it that long ago, a nearby village Chief had befriended and kept them from the time that he was just a boy.  Many, many years later when he became elderly and ill, he was sent to the old hospital and after a short time, passed away.  His bats have held vigil here in these trees ever since, waiting for their Chief to return.

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Collection of posters designed by the Leipzig based duo, Barbar. 

(via typographie)

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I’m skipping chapters in my book so that I have something to read after I’ve turned the last page.

(better than the original)

Herodiade, 1960 by Cy Twombly

Ozone is blue and smells faintly of geraniums.
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Herodiade, 1960 by Cy Twombly

Ozone is blue and smells faintly of geraniums.


Untitled by Florian Maier-Aichen, 2005.

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Untitled by Florian Maier-Aichen, 2005.


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Kyrie by Henryk Gorecki

In 1937, Górecki fell while playing in a neighbor’s yard and dislocated his hip. The resulting suppurative inflammation was misdiagnosed by a local doctor, and delay in proper treatment led to tubercular complications in the bone. The illness went largely untreated for two years, by which time permanent damage had been sustained. He spent the following twenty months in a hospital in Germany, where he underwent four operations. Górecki continued to suffer ill health throughout his life and, as a result, said he had “talked with death often”.

I’ve spent the morning eating tamales, drinking coffee, and discovering that despite my regular googlng for info regarding new recordings of Gorecki’s late work, some stuff has slipped out without my knowledge. First, this grueling dirge which had its premier this year by the Polish Radio Choir at St. John’s Cathedral in Warsaw. The piece’s middle section opens into syrupy choral questions not unlike the first movement of his third symphony. I also learned that some 20 of his songs written for church have been released and that his 4th Symphony had its premier this April, just a week after I left London, at Royal Festival Hall.

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No Lands is releasing their first album!

(I did the artwork)

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Recording of radio emissions from Saturn.

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Anonymous said: Hey DM, do you have any plans on recording a new solo album any time soon ? I really liked Heavy Ghost ! I bought it after seeing you opening for Sufjan Stevens in Essen (Germany) back in 2011. Haven't listened to it for a while, but when I saw your name in the liner notes to Son Lux' Lanterns (that is you on "Plan the Escape", right ?), I got excited to hear some new stuff of yours. I hope you haven't given up on your solo work, I find it rather original ! Yours truly, Philipp

Hi Philipp - Thanks for the note. That is me on Plan the Escape (and on another one too, I think… So long ago now that it’s hard to remember). Yeah, I’ve got lots of music to share! Just sorting out logistics right now. I’ve finished several albums over the last couple years, but for one reason or another, it’s seemed important to wait to release things until I’m prepared to get out there and hawk em. My growing pains as an artist got amplified by the changes in the industry, and, well, changes in myself too, and they knocked me out for a bit. But things are coalescing right this moment — worked all this year with producer Ben Hillier on a new album which I started writing from scratch in January 2013 (with the exception of one song that’s been hanging around for a while), found myself a manager, made a lot of great friends with good heads on their shoulders, good hearts in their chests, spent the better part of four months recording in London, and have now moved back to Brooklyn to be closer to the heart of things. 

So, yes, new music soon. In the meantime, invest some ear time on my work under the name The Revival Hour:

Full Length:

xo, DM

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!

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Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!


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Candy Boy Yellow was my camp counselor when I was 13. He went to my older sister’s prom with her as a sort of social experiment. He nicknamed me Willagene and is younger in this video (filmed last night) than I’ve ever been.

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A Borges story as summed up by Wikipedia

In Borges’ story, the Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points. Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion. The story continues the theme of infinity found in several of Borges’ other works, such as The Book of Sand.

As in many of Borges’ short stories, the protagonist is a fictionalized version of the author. At the beginning of the story, he is mourning the recent death of a woman whom he loved, named Beatriz Viterbo, and resolves to stop by the house of her family to pay his respects. Over time, he comes to know her first cousin, Carlos Argentino Daneri, a mediocre poet with a vastly exaggerated view of his own talent who has made it his lifelong quest to write an epic poem that describes every single location on the planet in excruciatingly fine detail.

Later in the story, a business on the same street attempts to tear down Daneri’s house in the course of its expansion. Daneri becomes enraged, explaining to the narrator that he must keep the house in order to finish his poem, because the cellar contains an Aleph which he is using to write it. Though by now he believes Daneri to be quite insane, the narrator proposes without waiting for an answer to come to the house and see the Aleph for himself.

Left alone in the darkness of the cellar, the narrator begins to fear that Daneri is conspiring to kill him, and then he sees the Aleph for himself.

Though staggered by the experience of seeing the Aleph, the narrator pretends to have seen nothing in order to get revenge on Daneri, whom he hates, by giving him reason to doubt his own sanity.

In a postscript to the story, Borges explains that Daneri’s house was ultimately demolished, but that Daneri himself won second place in the Argentine National Prize for Literature. He also states his belief that the Aleph in Daneri’s house was not the only one that exists, based on a report he has discovered, written by Captain Burton when he was British consul in Brazil, describing the Amr mosque in Cairo, within which there is said to be a stone pillar that contains the entire universe; although this Aleph cannot be seen, it is said that those who put their ear to the pillar can hear it.

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Cesar Aira will keep me busy for the rest of my life


Moreira (1975)
Ema, la cautiva (1981)
La luz argentina (1983)
El vestido rosa. Las ovejas (1984)
Canto castrato (1984)
Una novela china (1987)
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Embalse (1992). Emecé
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El volante (1992). Beatriz Viterbo
Diario de la hepatitis (1993). Bajo la luna nueva
Madre e hijo (1993). Bajo La Luna Nueva
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El infinito (1994)
La costurera y el viento (1994). Beatriz Viterbo
Los misterios de Rosario (1994). Emecé
La fuente (1995). Beatriz Viterbo
Los dos payasos (1995). Beatriz Viterbo
La abeja (1996). Emecé
El mensajero (1996). Beatriz Viterbo
Dante y Reina (1997). Mate
El congreso de literatura (1997).
La trompeta de mimbre (1998). Beatriz Viterbo
La serpiente (1998). Beatriz Viterbo
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Las curas milagrosas del Dr. Aira (1998).[4] Simurg
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Un episodio en la vida del pintor viajero (2000). Beatriz Viterbo
El juego de los mundos (2000)
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Festival (2011)
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Los dos hombres (2011)
Entre los indios (2012). Mansalva
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El testamento del Mago Tenor (2013). Emecé
Margarita (un recuerdo) (2013). Mansalva